Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tournament Time

Race, Witt and I competed in a tournament in November. It was such a good experience for us.

The tournament was very overstimulating for Race. It was loud and tons of people in a confined space. He wondered all over the place and I kept losing track of him... he would jump from mat to mat watching different things. He loves Tae Kwon Do.
He did so well in his bow-staff competition. He got third place! 
Race makes me so proud. He is always the first one to congratulate the winners even when its not him. I love the sportsmanship he is learning because if Tae Kwon Do.

Witten discovered something about himself at this tournament where the competition was really intense. He loves to compete! Our goal for 2014 is to take him to more tournaments because he loved it so much. Witt got third for his nun-chuck routine, and second in his sparring division. He's quite a little athlete!

And for me, I got third in my sparring division. Can I just say that like Witt, I love competition. I always have. Sometimes it's ridiculous how competitive I get. And I have found out since starting Tae Kwon Do, that I love kicking people. It's very therapeutic. Here's a little clip that John took. But the ref kept getting in the way of him filming, so see what you can:

Here's us with all the other intermediate belts from our studio. Witt competes as a little dragon still.

Go KC's Tournament Team!
The three of us qualified for the state tournament in January!
We love Tae Kwon Do.

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Sarah said...

Whoa! You're hard core, Teddy!
Good luck to all of you at the State tournament!