Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flowers and Dirt

This morning I was in my room getting ready for church when in walks Witt.

"What's that smell?"  He asks with his nose scrunched up like whatever it was, smelt real bad.

"I....don't know, is it my perfume???"  I asked while looking around the room wondering what could be smelling so bad.  No dirty socks, no stinky shoes, none of Lane's milk cups left out from the night before...

He came over and started sniffing around me like a little red hound puppy.  "Oh ya, its your perfume...yuck."

"What?  What do you mean yuck?"

"It just smells like a girl."

"Do girls stink?"

"Ya, like flowers."

"Oh, well what do boys smell like?"

"Like dirt."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Whiskey Row

So, while John, Race and Witt were camping, Lane and I went to spend Saturday with my fam.  I LOVE my family.  I love my brothers and sister, I love my Mom and Dad.  We always have a great time when we all get together. 

But this get together was a little different than most.  A little bitter sweet.  My big little brother left this last week for basic training, so it was the last time we'd ALL be together till Christmas.  I love you Tyrrell, I'm SO proud of you! 

I don't even know who's idea it was...definitely not mine, but in honor of our brother leaving, and my sister being this super running mama now, and Tanner running faster than all of us, now that he's in the prime teen-age years of his life, and we're all getting OLD, we decided to run the famous Whiskey Row 10K.  Soooooooo much fun.  And if you know anything about Prescott Arizona, you know this race was absolutely beautiful, and you also know this race wasn't easy.  Lets just say, there was a sign at the bottom of the first big hill that said, "What the HILL???"

For the record, the only reason Tyrrell wouldn't do it is because he didn't want to get hurt before going into the military...not because he couldn't right Tyrrell? 

Anyway, we all loved it so much, and it brought back the GOOD memories I have of running the marathon there nine years ago (not all the bad memories like knees and hips hurting for three months afterward, and having no porta potty's along the mountain for 26 miles!!) we decided to make it an yearly thing (and Daddy says he's going to do it with us next year!).  10K's rock!

Yes, Annell and I were taking pictures of each other while we ran.  I love you Sis, you are an amazing runner, and woman!  You really are my hero, and I want to be just like you when I grow up...

I love my family, I love to run.  It was a good day.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Father Sons

Last weekend John, Race and Witt went to Father Sons.  Poor Little Man got left behind (I just wasn't ready to send him yet), but next year John will have all three of them, and I'm going to have a night to myself!

Witten LOVES to fish. 

Here's what I cooked when they got home!  Let's just say the boys love catching it a lot more than eating it...

I sure love my great outdoors men!


We've had something big going on every weekend for the last month.  The first weekend in May our ward put on their annual Luau.  Adriane, you did a super-duper job putting it all on.  Mona, the food was Yummmmmmy as usual.  We miss you Guy family, here's us sending you love from CV!!

 Race loves being up in front of people.  He loves to perform.  Witt on the other hand, is kind of like me...

 And speaking of ME, this is me trying to smile the way a good performer should....hmm.  Maybe I'm not ment to do this and my dream of making an guest appearance on Glee and becoming a zumba professional just isn't in my cards...

Here's the real professional.  If you haven't seen Adriane move her hips to some Tahitian, you are missing out!  You'll just have to come next year.

It was a fun evening out with the fam.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Water Fights

I sat in the car, hostage, wondering how I fell for this trick.  He stood four feet outside the car, hose pointed right at me with that mischievous smirk on his face; daring me to make my move. 

"Come on Mom, I dare you to get out of the car..." he laughed.

Five minutes earlier I had been asked by the Trickster to pull the car out of the garage so he could wash it.  Of course I would let him wash it...and what a lucky Mom I am to have a great kid who takes such good care of me.  Boy am I lucky...

"What Mama, you afraid of a little water?  I got you now, and there's no way your getting out of this dry!"

I looked around the car, did a quick pocket check for my cell...nothing.  Lane was napping and Race was still at school.  I had no options.  I was trapped, and there was only one thing to do...face the Water Monster head on.  It was time for a water fight.

I know, I know, he looks so innocent here after our truce...

But what about here?

Or here?

 Wait a minute, here's a close up of that...

I love it when the weather gets warm, every day is a WET adventure!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lane's Ears

Little Man had tubes put in his ears last week.  He was such a trooper, he always is...

Everything went great.  We were in and out of there by 8:30am; hopefully this will help the hearing in his left ear.  Love that boy.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Watch it, cry, and think of your Mother.  I love you Mom.  (thanks for the idea Annell)

I love being a mom.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Pictures

This Easter was so much fun.  We had a very busy weekend visiting with family.  Once again, we are so blessed with people who love us.  I love these moments where the boys get to hang out with their Grandparents...

We spent Earth Day with Nanna and Papa making memories...
Papa is the best Papa in the whole world.
 Nanna showing Witt her garden
 They love to go airsoft shooting with Tanner...

And playing cars with Papa.

OK, I am now in love with this new way of coloring eggs.  In BAGS!!  No mess, no stress, and they could do it all by themselves.  I love whoever invented this new kit...don't know why I didn't think of it...

Bend over Tanner so I can get your head in the picture will ya?  You're just getting way too tall!

We love hanging out with Nanna and Papa.  Love you Mom and Dad.

Easter Morning before Church (no, he's not choking on candy...)

 The boys sang an Easter song in church with a few other Primary Children.  They did a beautiful job.  Then we headed over the hill to Grandpa Armstrong's place for his famous, annual Grandpa Easter Egg Hunt.  The boys look forward to it every year.

 We love seeing the cousins.

 And the horses,

 and hiking,
 and yes, Witt caught his FIRST fish!!...what, can't you see it?
 John, his brother, and ALL THEIR BOYS! (this photo was very difficult to take, and get everyone in it.  they just kept leaving, wiggling, escaping)

 I love my heart-sister Michelle
 Thanks Grandpa for all the fun.  We always love to come play