Sunday, January 27, 2013


I've been absent from my blog for a while. Getting back into the groove of things after the new year, plus getting the family over the yuckies that swept through our house. And you know who got it the worst? Me. Actually, I haven't been this sick in years; it's taken too long to get over. I'm still coughing my head off, a week and a half later.

One thing about me and being sick... it is actually my best thinking time for my stories. I don't know why, but I capture my best ideas when I'm sick. Is it because the crazy, feverish thoughts between sleep and wake make more sense in my weakened state? Or is it because I slow down, and I'm paying close attention to the fine details in my own life, that the fine details in my writing come to life? Like today, John took the boys out to see how high the creek is, since we've been having all this rain, and as I watched them drive away, I was carried away in thought while watching the storm clouds roll past the mountains. They were moving so quickly, like they were in a hurry to get somewhere, and I could see them reaching northward, earnestly needing to get up the rim quickly. And so of course I thought about my crazy life and how I am so much like those storm clouds. How I hurry on to the next item in my day, going, going, never stopping... until I get sick.

It hit me last Saturday. I had been up all night Friday with Race who had been throwing up. Witten had it from Sunday till Wednesday, so I had a few days break. But Race settled into bed around 5 am on Saturday morning, his body allowing him to finally rest. And that's when it started for me. The worst part was, John was out of town for work. It was just me and the boys. And when Witten woke up and found me with my head down in the toilet, he asked if I needed a drink.

"Yes, Cowboy. Thank you."
So he brought me a cup of water. "Here you go, Mama."
"Thank you, Cowboy. I think I'm going to need your help today, OK?"
"I know. Daddy told me I'm the Daddy while he's gone."

I'm so grateful for Witten. Because, although the house was a wreck when I finally stepped out of the bathroom, later that afternoon, the milk was out and warm, the fridge was open, the toaster was sitting on the floor,plugged in and the bread bag had been open for how many hours I don't know. Witten had also decided to make he and Lane Top Ramen, and instant oatmeal, so there were  trails of both all over...but... Lane and Witten were building Lego's in their room. Happy. And fed. I'm so proud of my six year old boy.

He even made us pancakes Sunday evening. Check this kid out! Yes, I had to supervise him over the flame, because he likes fire a little too much... But he is a pro-pan-cake-flipper. No kidding!

I love you Cowboy!

So, being sick has its perks (if you have to look at things positively). It is definitely a time when I get to evaluate my life, and count my many blessings.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Go Miss Montana!

I normally don't follow the Miss America Competition. But, after watching this, I totally am.

I loved this. Go Ms. Montana!