Monday, February 28, 2011

Moving through February

Change is in the air, and it's bitter-sweet.  My best friend is moving away.  As I'm "getting older" I realize change is inevitable (I'm leaving it at that so I don't start crying again and I don't embarrass Andrea). 

So with all the change, I am once again realizing how important my family is to me; how I need to be the glue for them.  So here's me dealing with change, here's me loving my family and grateful for all the wonderful friendships I have.  Here's me aware of my blessings and grateful to my Heavenly Father for the people in my life.

"Most people can look back over the years and identify a time and place at which their lives changed significantly. Whether by accident or design, these are the moments when, because of a readiness within us and a collaboration with events occurring around us, we are forced to seriously reappraise ourselves and the conditions under which we live and to make certain choices that will affect the rest of our lives."
- Frederick F. Flack

You'd never know this little guy had a burst ear-drum when he's walking around being so cool!

This kid always keeps me laughing.

I had to snap this picture.  I love reading in bed, I love that they do too.

Hanging out and talking to Mommy while I folded laundry.  I love these moments.

Movie night.  We watched "Earth" that Disney made.  A great movie, it was very emotional for them.

I love my boy's imaginations.  It amazes me how young they start to be so creative.

Waiting for Daddy to get home.

Witt came in the other day and told me he needed some matches.  I told him he couldn't have matches till he was a Scout.  He wasn't too happy about that because look what he built in the driveway. 

The next day he told me again he needed matches for his "bomb" fire.  Not bonfire.  Bomb fire. 
 So Daddy and Witt built a fire together that night.  He loved it.

The next day he built a car and raced in the Indy 500.  He won and we are financially set for life.

I love this.  I love my sweet Hubby.  He's the best Daddy, he's my rock.

I've been having this obsessive need to have a yard sale.  Needing a little change for myself so I've been going through the house like a crazy person.  I'm sure there's moments when John is questioning my sanity because I'm getting rid of stuff he never thought I would.

So, in the midst of my boxing up and putting in the garage, Lane decided to help by putting all his toys in a box.  He so loves to help, even though I had to put everything back when he was done helping...

Yesterday morning we woke up to more snow than we've ever gotten at one time.  It was beautiful and the boys had so much fun before we headed off to church.  It was the kind of morning you wish your Christmas morning would be.  Snow on the ground and sunny outside.  Just beautiful; magical.  

I love the snow on the cactus out front.  Race took this picture.

There are a few people who know me too good.  Here's one of them.
And here is the amazing Adriane keeping up her celebrity status!!  I've always claimed to be part"Wilkins"  because every one of my Wilkins girl friends have been so dear to me.  We've had some great adventures!
Thank you my dear sista-friend for spoiling me for the day; for making the fam dinner, laughing and hiding in the bedroom like we're teenagers giving me a makeover.  It meant so much. 

"The moment of change is the only poem."
Adrienne Rich

I am so blessed.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Paper Airplanes Like Daddy Taught Me

When we were young, my Dad used to make us all kinds of fun things out of paper.  We knew how to have good, cheap fun.  The art of paper airplane making is a talent and memory I treasure. 

And I'm sure my boys will too...

Love note from Race

Look what I got in the mail; it was such a wonderful surprise!  I love this kid, I love being a mom. 

Happy Valentines Day!

What's for Dinner?

Witten told me the other day he was going out to hunt.  He'd be back before dinner with something for me to cook. 
"What do you plan on hunting?"
"Well...probably some lizards or Peggy's cat." (Peggy is our wonderful neighbor)

So the great hunter went hunting, with his superman cape and all.  But to his disappointment, and my answered prayer, he didn't bring home any supper.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ok, I don't think myself or anything I've done, or anything I claim, has ever been called or classified as stylish...

So thanks dear friend Adriane for the uncomfortable, swallow my pride, opportunity to talk about myself (we all know everybody loves to talk about themselves at some time or another.  But for me, it all depends on my audience...You know I'm smiling when I say that because of course I'm going to follow through.  Of course I wouldn't let my good friend down.  Love you Adriane!  So, here it is; hold onto your saddles:

Seven things about myself that you MIGHT not have known:

  • I love to eat good food.  I love to consume large quantities and stuff myself completely to the point of sickness.  It is the best.  I don't really go to parties to be social, I go for the food.  Honest truth.

  • I sleep with a mouth guard (I grind my teeth) and a nasal strip so I don't snore too loud, and I'm usually wearing some old, bright gold track sweats I BORROWED (and forgot to return) my senior year.  It was my graduation gift to myself, kindly donated by RVHS.   Anyway, point being, I look very stylish at night.

  • I am proud to be a nerd!  I always wanted to see the "Polar Lights"  To me this is the correct term because aurora's happen at both north and south poles.  So, why are they called the Northern Lights?  They are so amazing and someday I am going to see them with my own eyes.  I have also had this secret dream of working for NASA that not a lot of people knew about when I was younger.  Kind of a hidden dream because when I was young, Science was my WORST subject.  Kind of like how Happy Gilmore wanted to be a hockey player, except that he just totally stunk at it...I was so jealous when my sister got to go to space camp when we were kids and I didn't. Yes I loved NASA but I knew NASA would never love me...most of my science classes I barely pulled A's...(then reality REALLY hit when I got a C in CHEM 151 my freshman year at NAU.  I've never worked so hard and got such a bad grade!  For the record, my one and only C, and it effected my college GPA till I graduated).   I knew my path was down the English and Literature road (which I am also totally in love with). 

  • I can have a hot temper that will get the best of me when I least expect it.  You wonder where Witten gets it?   I have anger issues that constantly need to be kept in check.  I also worry way too much about things that don't matter.  I lose sleep;  I say a lot of prayers to keep me calm.  I think this a result of not caring enough as a teenager. 

  • I've always wanted to write a book; I daydream of the day when people are lining up at Barnes and Noble to have me sign copies of the book that changed their life!  It's going to happen some day, you wait. 

  • I LOVE to pop pimples and blackheads.  My husband just can't understand why I get this sick fascination from it. 

  • I LOVE to dance.  I don't care if it's country dancing, ballroom dancing or ZUMBA!  I love it.  I have this crazy desire to be good at it. 

Ok, so there you have it, now for the nominations.  Da da da da!  The seven lucky winners of the Stylish Blogger Award are:
  1. Sarah Jacobs (because you're so darn funny and creative!)
  2. Annell Schmerfeld (because she really is the stylish one)
  3. Andrea Millar (in hopes to give her a reason to UPDATE)
  4. Skeezie Zweifel (to see how often she really does read my blog.)
  5. Laurie Freeman (because she really is so classy, cool and intelligent)
  6. Melissa Ballard (because I'm interested to hear her 7 facts)
  7. Racheal Decker (because I know she'll have fun with this one)
Ok, so nominees, don't feel like you have to do it.  No pressure.  7 facts, 7 nominations.  I don't think I'm missing anything...but maybe I am.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My favorite things...

Some of my favorite things about being mommy...

Witten loves pretty much ANYthing I put in front of him for meals and snacks.  I am so grateful for this because Race is so picky, and meal time with him can be...unpleasant.  Witt's always telling me what a good cook I am and "this is so deelishosh Mom, thank you!"  He knows how to make me feel good.  His favorite breakfast this month is Oatmeal with blueberries. 

I love that the boys love to read.  Even little Lane.  No pictures of Witt reading, it's hard to get him to sit still for much of anything except at bedtime.  But Race and Lane sit down with books throughout the day.  Love it.

 I love this picture.  I love that Race can sit down and read a book to his brother. 
 Recognize the book Annell?  It's still Race's favorite...

While they're in the warm house reading, Witt's out in the cold doing stuff like this...

"Witt get your coat on please."
"I can't tree climb with a coat on Mom."

Love it.


I am not sad to see January go.  In fact, every January, I PRAY for a better one than the year before, but January never seems to let me down.  It should be called the "Armstrong month of trials."  Between car problems, health issues, teeth problems (which between the three result in a budget juggling act and high stress for me), and just crazy busyness.  But January, unlike in years past, WE WERE READY FOR YOU!  You came, we conquered.  SEE YA! 

Ok, so January was not a COMPLETE letdown; it did have MANY good things too.  Every weekend was jammed with family togetherness.  They were totally awesome. 
  • Maya's Baptism.  (pictures to come...right Annell??)  The boys always have a blast playing with cousins and Uncle Tanner and I always have fun eating good food; Annell sure knows how to throw a good party (after the baptism of course). And the boys and I  had a good time squishing into Dad's truck with Dad, Mom and Tanner for a ride down to the Valley (like I said, car trouble).  Love you Mom and Dad. 
  • Stephen's Farewell.  We're so proud of you Stephen, good luck in Colorado!  It was fun to see so much family and eat more good food!
  • We rode horses at Grandpa's house.  Race and Witt love going to Grandpa Armstrong's house.  His property is "boy heaven" and "mommy um...NOT heaven"  The creek to play in, trees to climb, horses to visit, dogs to chase, you name it.  The creek makes me crazy.  John loved growing up there.  It's a very beautiful place.  We tried to sit Lane on the horse with Witt, but he totally wouldn't have any of that.  He liked looking at the horses from a safe 5 feet away.
  • Tanner got his Eagle!  Yes, my 14 year old, amazing scout of a brother, got his Eagle.  So, yep, another party, more good food; my mom makes the BEST Texas Sheet Cake ever!  We are soooo proud of you Tanner, Race and Witt really look up to you and think you are the STUFF!
  •  The grand kids hugging Tanner after the ceremony.
     I look tall in this picture, I have no idea how.  I am WAY shorter than my sis.
     Tyrrell giving a "tribute" to Tanner.  He did a great job.
  • So yes, January. And we ended the month home sick, missing school.  I guess that's what happens when you go 100mph for a whole month...Goodbye January; bitter-sweet January.