Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Witten!

Witten is 4! 
Where has all the time gone?  Our little fireman (it's what he wants to be when he gets big) had the funnest party ever; he'll remember it forever. 

Thank you Grandma Sara for the Slip-n-Slide,  Witten and friends had a blast!  We did it ALL DAY LONG, and the next day too!  I haven't been slip n sliding in years...after the party I tried it out a few times, and today my body's in recovery mode. 

Thank you Nanna and Papa for bringing the hoses; and for all the love and support you give us.  You're the best, I'm so glad you live close. 

Thank you Kira for making the AMAZING cake.  Witt was speechless!  What a special gift, and it was a total hit!

Nobody wanted to cut into it, it was so beautiful; but Daddy finally did.

Thank you Firefighters for your guest appearance!  The kids loved it!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for all you do for the community!  We have the best firemen around!

What a perfect day.  Thank you to all the friends that came; Witt is still talking about it.  Witten, you're so blessed to have so many people who love you!

Monday, July 26, 2010

24th of July

The boys had so much fun at the Stake 24th of July Celebration held down at the Haddon's place.  Natalie did such a great job putting it all together.  There were so many fun things to do!

eating good food,

hanging out with the cousins,

playing pioneer games,

stick pulling with the way Andrea, you still owe me a stick pull match.

and washing (I liked this one best)!

My favorite part of course...the food.  What a way to spend an evening. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Exactly why does the Tooth Fairy need my tooth?

Whahoo, another first for us!  Race lost his first tooth.  A few weeks ago, we checked out a library book on the Tooth Fairy.  Such a cute book that has a good explanation as to what she does with all the teeth she gathers.  It was perfect for Race.  He has happily donated his tooth to her cause...

Though he still tried to stay up with his head-lamp and catch her...
But...he didn't.  She's way too good at her job!

Friday, July 16, 2010

What didn't we do this summer...

I love summer.  I think it stems back from both my parents being teachers so the entire family had summer vacation.  We were sure lucky.  The theme for this summer is "strengthening relationships"  Here's why...

We love Grandma Sara.  I did my student teaching with Sara back in Fall of 2003.   We were instant and life long friends; she's been so dear to me ever since.  The boys love spending time with her.  We love summer because we get to see her more!  Here's some pictures of them golfing and feeding ducks at the Piggy Park in Sedona.  We love you Grandma Sara!
She's a great swimmer too! 

For the Pre-4th of July, the Bleaks invited us to vacation with them down at Jim and Vickie's resort in Scottsdale.  Of course I forgot my camera.  But we had a blast, and of course, lots of swimming!  We love you Bleak Family!  For the 4th, we went up to Arena Del' Loma to watch the fire works over the Casino.   Lane loved his first fire-works show!

We love Monday Movie Day with Nanna and Tanner.  We head over the hill to spend the day with Nanna and Papa every Monday.  We're getting to be quite the pro's at Theatre shows.  Every Monday is a new adventure, right Mom?  We love you Nanna and Papa!

Of course I have to go out with the girls to make fun of, I mean watch the new vampire flick.  What a fun night out with the A-Team (Andrea M., Andrea F., and Adriane.)

The boys also had fun catching up with old friends.  We loved getting to see Malachi and his family.  Miss you guys!

Of course we still hit the library when we can.
Our good friend Jo met up with us at the Cottonwood library this summer.  We're so sad she moved to Cottonwood, Witt misses riding his bike down to her house. 

And of course, we harvested our apricot trees.  We didn't get much this year, but we got some!  The boys had fun pickin'.

If you're ever in the mood for the best omelet around, the little place up the road, Crickets, serves the best.  Grandma Armstrong agrees.  About February we started our monthly tradition to drag her over to our side of the mountain for breakfast.  We look forward to our visits; this last time, the boys even washed her truck for her.  One side of the truck looked great!

And lastly (we wish we could have stayed longer), we headed down to my sister's house for her wonderful music class.  Annell teaches a class called, Let's Play Music, and it is absolutely wonderful.  Check it out, the curriculum is amazing; a great way to get your kids started in music. 
Good ol' Arty came for a day too with his son Bosen.

We got to see Logan (Tyrrell's son) while we were down.  He's so cute!

And of course, more swimming in Kissy's (that's what the boy's call Annell) pool!  We love hanging out with the cousins.

What a fun summer filled with wonderful memories.  One of my most memorable summers as a kid was the one I spent with my Grandma.  I still remember the songs she sang to me (Que sera sera), the movies she introduced to me (Funny Girl, and Funny Lady), the music we listened to in the car (Tom T. Hall, and George Straight), the stories she told me (mostly about my mother...good ones of course), and the places she took me.  I love those memories.  I want my kids to have the same kind of memories with the older generations and the new.  How blessed we are to have those special relationships with so many special people.