Tuesday, December 10, 2013

School Days

I love having Race and Witt home with me for school. Here's some random pics of our days this fall:

Due to our personal economy, you've heard me talk about it in past posts...we have three rooms in our house that are not quite finished, so, we turned our not finished bathroom into a classroom for the time being... it's worked out great. It has sat as unused space for over a year, so the boys and I are making the most of it:

Witt spelled his version if the longest word in the world. Can you sound out the word?

In Connections Academy, one of the things I like about it is its clubs. Race gets to be in Julliard Music class and music club, and Witt was invited into the science club... the only first grader in his group (such a smarty pants). So every week he gets to study something specific and write up his hypothesis, process and outcomes. He loves it. He wants to be a geologist when he grows up.

I love homeschooling. We do "article of faith" work every morning... Bell work. :)

Oh the fabulous jacuzzi tub that has sat unattached and unused for a few years... now it's our reading tub.

Every once in a while we join our friends at the home-school group in the area when they've got cool stuff going on.

And so while Race, Witt and I get to spend our days at home, this little guy gets to go to Montessori in the mornings! We absolutely love this little school, and he's been waiting a long time to go.

There have been plenty of days this fall when looking at our personal finances, I have felt that going back to work would solve a lot of our trials.  I have been offered a few positions in the schools here, and the temptation has been great at times... but when I look at the amazing things that are happening within the walls of my home, and the small steps of progress and growth I get to see every day in my boys, I whisper a little prayer of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for my great blessings and responsibility I have as a mother.

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