Friday, December 13, 2013

Bear Grills

Cowboy turned seven this summer. He is such a boy! He makes me laugh and pull my hair out all in the same day.

Here's some of my favorites of him the last few months, enjoy and get a good laugh:

"Go over there with that thing so nobody gets hurt."

"Well, that's what happens when you sword fight."

"Put out that fire now!"

"Get away from the cliff!"

"Keep it out of the house!"

"Throw it away from the house!"

"Shoot it away from the house!"

"I said shoot it AWAY from the house!"

He taped his mouth shut himself so I wouldn't have to. :)

"Get down from there!"

"You want a 4-wheeler, earn some money." :)

This is the conversation Witt and I had today.

"Mom!" He yells as he comes running in from outside. This is how most of our conversations start because the kid lives outside.


"Mom that hawk in the tree is scoping out the chickens. I need to get my air soft."

"No you're not."

"Mom, I'm not going to kill him... just scare him off so he doesn't get the chickens."

"Witt, you can't shoot the gun without Dad." (Before I go on here, you need to know the air soft guns are kept in a secret place where Witt doesn't know...)

So the conversation goes on. He doesn't let it go. And ignoring him isn't working. So finally I say, "Witt if you shoot that gun at a hawk you will go to jail because it's endangered." (I have no idea if that's true or not...)

He doesn't believe me. The next thing I know, he has called John at work and explained why he needs to know where the air soft is.

A pause.
Then a click of the phone without a goodbye.
And the look of defeat on his face.

"What'd your Dad say?"

"He said if I shoot that hawk, I'd go to jail."

John and I don't always agree on everything when it comes to raising boys. But I'm glad we see eye to eye on shooting hawks in the neighborhood.

Got to love this kid. 
Watching Witt grow reminds me of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. I can't wait to read these books with him. 

I am so grateful we live where we live, so he can be who he is.

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Michelle said...

lol! this is hilarious! you're whole blog is hilarious! so i've been meaning to ask you for awhile, but how did you find out that one of your children had autism? i'm assuming it's mild. we wonder about my oldest sometimes & are in the process of talking to professionals, etc. anyways, an odd place to write all this...but i didn't know where to say it haha