Monday, May 28, 2012

Race's Baptism

Race memorizes. If you've ever been to our place, there's probably a mii made of you on our wii. And on the mii information will be your birthday. And Race more than likely has it memorized.

 He also loves calendars. He's known the names of the months since he was able to talk, and has always had a good sense of time; whether its hours, days, weeks, etc.  He needs the month's information filled out from the first day of every month: birthdays, holidays, special events, you name it.  He knows you get baptized when you're eight as well as get to be in cub scouts. He knows you get to pass the sacrament when you're 12, and drive for real when you're 16. He knows you get to go to college when you're 18, and on a mission when you're 19.

So, because of this obsessiveness with dates, you can imagine how long he's been looking forward to his own baptism. Ever since he's been in Primary.

And the day was so special. So perfect. It was everything he hoped for and more.

A few weeks after his baptism, he was asked to talk about it in Primary. This is the talk he wrote (yes, I helped, but only a little):

I was baptized on April 7th, 2012 in the Camp Verde Baptismal Font.
It was the day before Easter. It was a special day because it was the day I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
I was eight years old, and my Daddy baptized me. The water was a little cold, but it was fun getting dunked under the water. When the water was all around me, it washed away my sins.
I also received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. This means I have the Holy Ghost with me to help me make good choices.
My Papa and Auntie Adriane gave special talks to teach me more about Baptism and the Holy Ghost.
I know that being baptized is what Jesus wants us to do. And I’m very happy that I am a member of Jesus’ church.

It truly was the most amazing day and the spirit was so strong. Thank you to all who traveled to share it with us.

Race sometimes has a hard time with church. The sitting requires much from him (more than the average 8 year old), and talking about abstract things like faith and the Holy Ghost is hard for him. But, his spirit is amazing and contagious. Though he has a hard time understanding abstract things, the Holy Ghost radiates through him. Race doesn't lie. He is the most honest little boy. Things are very black and white to him, and he has a hard time when he sees others breaking rules. He truly is a special, perfect spirit, not only in my eyes.

If only we could all see the world in black and white, with no shades of gray.

Memorizing the Articles of Faith have been helpful to Race. He understands the Gospel when he memorizes. He understands the Gospel when we study scripture stories. Taking something solid, something concrete, and using it to teach abstract ideas. It reminds me of how the Savior taught in parables. He took concrete, familiar ideas and applied them to abstract thinking so the people could understand.

I'm so grateful for the Gospel. For the hope it gives me in my life daily.

And Race, I'm so grateful for your decision and excitement to be baptized. To follow our Savior's example.

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Joyce P Smith said...

AWESOME... way to go Race! Baptism is a big step. We're all so proud of you!!!