Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Party at Freedom Station

We had an early birthday party for Race over Spring Break. He chose Freedom Station in Prescott Valley and I thought it was totally worth the money.  We went, we partied, we came home and rested... end of story. :)

Race and his buddies: Brodie, Hannah, Paul, Jadon and Nathaniel. Witten was too busy in the monkey maze the ENTIRE party. So, he's not pictured in any birthday pictures. Don't know how that happened...

The Laser room. I was actually very surprised Race would go in. He did, and he loved it.  I'm starting to see a consistency in the noise that bothers Race. And it's not with machines or technology. It's people. And the noise and movements that go along with people.

The Monkey Maze.  I had to climb up in the darn thing to check on kids...definitely not built for adults... I figured two things out: I have no idea why it's called the Soft Play. And there is no way I'm taking my shoes off, no matter what the rules say...

The Birthday Boy! He's 8!!

Every year the boys challenge me in my cake making skills. And I refuse to use fondant because nobody will eat the stuff (nasty), so I've been having to get creative and watch a lot of You-Tube videos. Bragging moment... I didn't even have a star pan. I cut the stars out of squares.

It was such a fun day. We are so grateful for the friends who came and spent the day with us.

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Brooke said...

Good work on the cake!! You should try marshmallow fondant sometime. You make it out of .... duh duh duuuuhhhhnnnn.... marshmallows. And that's what it tastes like. My family doesn't mind it.