Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lords of the Mud

Last weekend I lived a dream.  You heard me right.  You see, I am Eowyn of Rohan and these are my traveling companions.  We are, the Lords of the Mud!!
  The hobbits, Sachel and Tanner, Lady Galandriel (just got her hair cut), my lovely elf friend Arwen (aka Xena), and myself, Eowyn.  We've been extremely bored since our victory in Middle-Earth, so we decided to join the Mud Run, to relive our glory days...and relive we did. 

So, we kissed our families goodbye and set out on another incredible journey, this time, through the traitorous terrains of Rawhide Arizona.

Here's me kissing my dear Faramir goodbye.  He was a little embarrassed by my attire... I can't imagine why. 

We warmed up a little different than other teams...they were doing silly things like jogging in place and stretching. We really warmed up.

And so did this little hobbit.  He and his brother were soooo excited to be running in their first big race, after ours of course. 

On your mark, get set, go!!  We were in the 2nd wave. 

We named this obstacle the Holocaust Pit.  Watch the slide show  and you'll understand why.  There was something exciting, creepy and disgusting about being in a mud hole with 50 other people, that hundreds had been through on the wave before.  So much fun!

There was something totally awesome about running through the mud with a sword.  LOVED it!!

We even ran into a balrog!!  Ahhhh!!

And so was our journey.  We all came out alive, even though the hobbits broke the fellowship and left us ladies in the dust...we had a blast.  Definitely one to do again.  Except next year, we'll be either vampires or Jane Austen characters. We haven't decided yet. 

After our run, the kids got to do theirs.  I was so proud of all of them.  Their run was about a mile and they ran the whole way!  It had been a hard morning for Race Man.  Way too over stimulating, but man you should have seen him run!!  I'm so proud of you guys!

Check out the slide show of the event.  It has even more pictures of the different obstacles.  Annell's waterproof disposable camera malfunctioned after the Holocaust pit.  Apparently it wasn't mud proof.

What a fun morning!  Thanks Nanna and Papa for watching the little ones.  And thank you Sara for coming all the way down to help.  I love my siblings so much.  And I love my dear friend Adriane.  I'm still laughing about all the fun we had.

There's another check off on my bucket list!

For Rohan!!

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Annell said...

For Rohan! And Middle Earth! And my sister cuz I love your guts. Thanks for talking me into this and making me laugh till I peed :)