Friday, October 7, 2011

Gold Belts

The boys had their gold belt test last Friday night and did great! 

Here's Race doing his self-defense portion of the test.

On Saturday they got to be a part of the huge Black Belt Graduation where they not only received their Gold Belts, but watched the 3rd phase of the Black Belt Tests, watched some amazing performances and met some Tae Kwon Do Masters.

The boys with Ms. Jyoti.  We LOVE her!  She is one of Witten's favorite people.  Not only does he get to see her do her black belt awesomeness, but she's also one of his teacher's at school.  She's so special to us.

The boys with Mr. Chad.  They think he is THE STUFF.  Yep, he does back flips on the ground, fights with sharp swords and lets them throw him around.  The boys say he's a Jedi. 

We couldn't catch Ms. Kathy at the Ceremony.  She was pretty busy.  But we LOVE Ms. Kathy.  She knows how to work Race through his melt-downs and makes him push himself.  I appreciate that she doesn't put up with Witt's stubbornness.  She demands "Black Belt Attitude" as she calls it.  He does a lot of push-ups for her, but she loves him in spite of it.  Thank you Ms. Kathy for all your love, fun, and hard work.

Witt is learning and growing.  I love to watch him spar.  He's pretty awesome at it. 

Race is hooked.  He so looks forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It's been so good for him.

I LOVE tae kwon do.  I love what it does for my boys, and someday I'm going to do it too.

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