Friday, October 7, 2011

Old Friends

By "Old" friends, I don't mean we're old, heck we're living up our 30's (and late 20's for some of us)! 

After the mud run, we drove our tired bodies out to see Brooke.  Thanks for taking us swimming Brooke, it was so good to see you.  Since our visit, I've been catching up on some of our crazy old adventures in my head.  It's made me miss all my Wilkins girls. 

I'm so blessed to have Auntie Adriane (as the boys call her) live close.  She saves my sanity and keeps me feeling young with late night talks and just doing girly things.  Just like being a teenager again (except I don't bounce back into life as easily...definetly feeling the age there).  Sometimes our hubby's think we're a little crazy.

I can't believe how grown up we are.  Raising kids, being responsible.  It blows my mind.

Next time you owe me a wrestling match Brooke.

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