Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Witten's Teeth and Mommy's Mental Health

Once there was a little boy named Witten who started to complain about his face hurting.  His mommy has learned  not to make too big of deal about things because a. history has proven usually nothing is wrong, and b. she's learned that with raising spirited boys, if she doesn't try to stay calm, she might end up with a heart attack or something. 

Well, the complaining continued.  And then he started messing with his mouth.  His mommy thought, maybe he has a cavity...  but then, no way.  We go to the dentist twice a year, his brother has never had a cavity.  We brush twice a day, and even if it WAS a cavity, it wouldn't be hurting THAT much....blah, blah, blah.  And besides, how could a boy who prefers fruit and veggies over candy (seriously, the kid loves healthy food)  have a toothache right?

Witten looks forward to Bountiful Basket Saturday.

Sometimes mommy's brains just don't work quick enough.  So, she FINALLY looked in his mouth.  And wouldn't you know she could SEE the cavity. 

The dentist said, "it went up the nerve and the tooth is dead.  We're sorry, but not even a cap will work.  We need to give this one to the Tooth Fairy. Oh and by the way, but don't panic, this is probably just the beginning of issues for Witten's mouth...do you see his under bite, and the way these back teeth are facing...blah, blah blah."  I wasn't listening anymore.  I was wiping the sweat off my forehead and thinking dollar signs $$$$$$$. 

So the big tough cowboy got his tooth pulled.  He was a champ.  He goes in for a spacer in a few weeks.  And Mommy took a few more St. John's Wort that day. 

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