Friday, October 21, 2011


I turned 31 on the 11th.  I had a perfect day, though since then my thoughts have been way too deep.  Thoughts about life and getting older and the experiences we collect within ourselves.  But I'll save those thoughts for another'll understand why. 

Today, I'll focus on my perfect day. 
  • my boys fixed me breakfast. 
  • Witt bought me shaving cream...wait, let me explain...he heard me complaining that I was out a few weeks ago.  This kid totally amazes me.  Last year he bought me a hot glue gun because he had remembered me say at one point that I needed to get one.  He's so thoughtful that way.  So I got the best shaving cream in the world, bought with so much love.
  • Race bought me a big pack of gum.  He counted out the money and paid for it all by himself.  That right there was a gift.  He's so smart, and he knows when I'm in the car, I'm chewing gum. 
  • Lane gave me lots of hugs and kisses
  • John took me out for the evening.  We had a great time up in Jerome nearly backing off a cliff, running into some naked people carrying their mattresses down the street (sorry no picture of that, this is G rated...besides I was in frozen, trying not to stare, shock mode) and eating at the Haunted Hamburger. I pigged out on hot wings; it was great.  If you've never experienced Jerome, you must.  There's nothing like it; especially around Halloween.  Then we went and picked out a few books I've been wanting.  I couldn't have asked for a better evening. 
We had a beautiful view at dinner, looking over the Verde.

This picture is for my boys.  They took it.  This is how Mama looked the day she turned 31.   

And here's another picture for my boys.  This is where I was born.  A little house in Snowflake AZ.  October 11, 1980.  It used to be a Doctor's office.  Now there's a big metal horse out front...

Nanna said I was born pretty much underneath the right front window.  She went with a midwife when she had me.  Papa said the trees are much taller now around the house. 

As I sat there in the car, looking out the window to the place I was born, I waited for this feeling of "enlightenment" to wash over me.  After all, this was the place I took my first breath, and where life began.  Well, the feeling never came, but it was neat to finally put a picture with the place I had imagined in my head.  I love my mom so much.  And though the feeling of enlightenment didn't come, a deep appreciation for what she did for me that day did.  She is a brave, strong cowgirl.

Can I just say that I loved being 30.  And I'm going to rock 31 even more.  There is something about being in my 30's that is so wonderful and beautiful.  I have my beautiful family, I'm not looking TOO old yet, and I feel so much more understanding for everything than I ever could have in my youth.  Not saying I know it all people, just saying I understand it better.  I guess that's what life does for you; gives you experiences...but that is way too deep of thought for this post. 

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Brooke said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEDDY! Just a couple weeks late {wink}

LoVE yOu toNs!