Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Highlights

I'm sad that summer break is over.  I love having the boys home with me; it all went by way too quickly. 

We had a super busy and fun summer.  Here's some of the highlights:

Movie Mondays with Nanna:
We love getting to see Nanna and Papa all summer long.  This is our third year of Movie Monday,  The boys really look forward to it.  Thanks Nanna, love you!

Tae Kwon Do: 
I'm so glad we decided to do this.  It has been so good for both boys, and it is so much better for Race than soccer (not so stressful, organized, self discipline, etc.).  The boys love it and we are thrilled to be moving forward in the program.  Thanks Ms. Kathy!
 Race and Witt and the other Little Dragons got to perform at National Night Out.  So, here's a few pics of them out on the grass in front of tons of people.

 We were in the pool practically 6 days a week this summer.  And I couldn't have done it without the amazing, Grandma Sara.  She really took care of Lane so I could give Race and Witt swimming lessons.  They are great, confident swimmers now.  Love you Grandma Sara!

Fridays with Jo:
We miss Jo now that she's moved over to Cottonwood.  So on Fridays we did our weekly Library trip and then she'd spoil us at "A Scoop Above"  If you've never had Italian Gelato, this place serves THE BEST!  You'll never want DQ again after tasting this stuff!

John was released from the Bishopric!  He served with Bishop Kleinman for almost five years, it has been a wonderful, hard, learning experience filled with blessings.  We love you Kleinman Family!  Five minutes after he was released, he was called back into the Bishopric!  It was kind of funny and humbling... We are so excited and blessed that he gets to serve with Bishop Hall and Brother Ray.  I must say, I  think the world of both of them ol' cowboys (even if they do get a little crazy together).  Brother Ray reminds me of my Cowboy Papa.  So hearing him talk always makes me get all teary eyed.  Bishop Hall is from RV so we always have a lot to talk about.  But more than that, every time I hear Bishop Hall talk, a familiarness of home hits me.  I am reminded of where I first found my testimony.  It's been good for me.  They are both good for John. 

The Temple:
In Primary, we've been focusing on the Temple.  So after our super fun week with Kissy, we met up with Aunt Shannie for a mini Temple trip.  It was so special, even if Race WAS wearing his skull shirt.

The Creek:
We live about 400 yards from the creek, and I love it.  Some mornings we just walk over to relax and explore.  I love where we live.  It's in lazy moments as I sit watching my boys, that I think of John Greenleaf Whittier's poem, The Barefoot Boy.  Witten asks why I like this poem so much.  I tell him, "because it reminds me of you."
 Race and his BF Jadon.  Jadon and Race have been buddies since before they were walking.


"How sweet I roamed from field to field, and tasted all the summer's pride." - William Blake-

I love Summer, I'm going to miss you.

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