Tuesday, August 9, 2011


One of the reasons I LOVE summer is that we get to visit with family.  We love to see the cousins, we just don't get to see them enough...

Lane and Logan (Tyrrell's boy). 

The boys and I soooo look forward to our summer visit down at Kissy's Casa.

Race and Ethan

Jayda and Lane

And no he's not a cousin (he's the uncle!), but we even got to have Tanner stay with us a couple days  this summer and LOVED it.   The boys think he is the STUFF! 

I love my family.  I am so grateful for having a special, close relationships with my brothers and sister.  I love my Mom and Daddy for showing us how important family is, even when we are grown and  scattered all over the place.  We still get together when we can and cherish that time, because it doesn't happen enough.  I love my family!

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Melis said...

You really do have a great family! I'm so glad you get to spend time with them...it is such an important thing to do!