Friday, August 26, 2011


Race has allergies.  And because he has allergies, he has asthma.  There is some interesting research finding that many kids with autism have severe allergies and asthma.  Why?  Well, I have my opinion, and it is just my opinion people (based on our experiences in our home; along with my own personal research).  I really feel that Race's body is sensitive to the world around him.  That everything effects him to a larger degree than you or I.  His body lacks many of the vital things that fight off illness.  And because of this, he doesn't just get a good ol' Flinstone Vitamin to start off his day.  He gets his vitamin cocktail  as we call itIt consists of a multi-vitamin, a vitamin C tablet, a mixture of probiotics, a spoonful of Omega-3's and of course his inhaler.  Wow hu!

It's a relief to watch Race's body get a little stronger year by year.  It was almost as if he had no immune system when he was 3, 4 and 5, despite all the healthy foods and vitamins I was pumping down his body.  He was sick ALL THE TIME.  Last year he had pneumonia TWICE!  The guy is a trooper. 

I always felt Race was extra sensitive to everything.  So, March 2010 we took him to get some allergy testing done in Phoenix.  Turns out he is pretty much allergic to EVERYTHING outside, with super allergies to corn and peanuts and a sensitivity to dairy.  Well, this explained being sick all the time; I was basically feeding him poison every day of his life!  After cutting out most corn and dairy products  and peanuts all together, his health improved dramatically.  AMAZING! 

This summer (after some time convincing the insurance companies he needed this), we started the allergy injections once a week.  They inject him with what he's allergic to so his body can build up immunities. We stop by the the doctor's every Friday:

He's such a pro, he doesn't even flinch any more.

After some time of doing these injections, Race will be inhaler free and allergy free (or at least a huge improvement) and he will someday be able to eat another PB and J!

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