Friday, December 10, 2010

Anthem Turkey Trot

I haven't run in a "race" in a few years; since Race was a baby really.  So thanks to my running buddy and long time friend Laura , as well as my inspiring sister (who is an amazing runner now) we all signed up for the Anthem Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Morning.  It was a good half-way mark between Annell's place and the Verde Valley.  We had SOOO much fun.  And yes, that competitive spirit TOO QUICKLY returned to me.  Town League Basketball and running simply for "exercise" I claim now as a different category (though I love those sooo much too, and look forward to our runs together Laura).  I love to compete in running.  I forgot how much I love it.  Thanks dear sister and friend for the inspiration.  Can't wait for our next one!

For the record, Annell was the one afraid of the turkey...not me!

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Annell said...

I really don't like people dressed up in big scary turkey costumes. That's just wrong!