Friday, December 10, 2010

7's Chain

As I've said hundreds of times, and I'll say it again, I absolutely love the school my boys go to.  Race has a tendency to avoid challenging work.  I'm so grateful for his teacher who knows just how hard to push him.  She helps him grow.  So, after much avoidance and meltdowns, Race gave in to Ms. Suzanne and did his 7 chain (7+7+7...=343 or 7^3); whipping it out in no time.

What a breakthrough.  Another reminder to Race, that he can do hard things and realize they're not as hard as he thinks...we love you Ms. Suzanne., we are so grateful for all do for Race.

Montessori Math is amazing.  It starts out with something concrete, so the child is actually working with the number itself instead of something written on paper.  I love the Montessori program.  It has helped Race so much. 

Here's what Witt just finished up in his class.  He's so proud of his Continent Map; we hung it up in his room.  Witt loves school; he has all the Continents memorized as well as the planets. 

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