Saturday, November 13, 2010

Magical Music

On Wednesday afternoons, Race gets the awesome opportunity to see Ms. Annette for an hour.  We love Music Therapy; it has been so good for Race and has given me a greater appreciation for the power of music.  I've seen him come alive and do amazing things while having this one on one with Ms. Annette.  He's really taking off and understanding rhythm, beat, and even starting hand placement on the keyboard. 

 "Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words." -unknown-

 I'm really in awe and excited about the idea that music comes so easy for him.  It's something that doesn't stress him out and cause him anxiety.  He opens up.  It calms him (and tires him out) and I think he realizes that.

I've always loved music; whether it is singing in the shower and car at the top of my lungs, pretending I have an audience of course, or if it is singing the hymns at church, helping my boys learn the primary songs, hearing a blast from the past song on the radio that totally takes me back 15 years, whatever it may be.  Though I absolutely love music, I've never been very confident in myself when it comes down to it (I think my sister got my share of the gift).  I would much rather run a race or play in a ball game than stand in front of a bunch of people and sing.  The thought totally makes me sick.  Singing in the Show Choir my senior year of High School was huge for me; I grew so much because of it and I'm so grateful for that experience.  And I always envied some of my friends who could stand up with confidence and do it so well! 

 My brother and me; love you Choo Choo.
This was our Show Choir The Ambassadors in California 1999.  Look how young we look!  Below:  Wow, a walk down memory lane.  This was part of our California trip with some of my good-good-good friends who taught me so much.  Erin had a heart of gold and could out-work anybody, Arty still makes me smile, Laura was just CRAZY fun, Cass was so wise, and Skeezie so strong.  Seems like yesterday...

I've always known that music is powerful;  whether it be for good or bad.   Good music moves our spirits and uplifts us.  So I am reminded once again as I watch Race work, how healthy music is for all of us.  How it touches all of us, it doesn't matter how our brain is wired.  Music effects all of us on so many levels.  I'm so grateful for music.  What it does for me, and what it does for my son, and for what it can do for all of us. 

Thank you Ms. Annette.  It's been so cool!

"Ah, music!  A magic beyond all we do here!"  J.K. Rowling, Professor Dumbledore

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Melis said...

What a sweet boy you have!

My heart sank when I saw that picture of Cass! He had to miss my wedding and receptions because of that "stupid" trip. I only say stupid because he would not have gotten an A in choir if he had not gone! Therefore jepordizing his scholarship. When we realized it was the same weekend, we tried to change our wedding date, but had the announcements ordered already! I was SO SO bummed about it! I still cry just at the thought of him not being there. He even looks sad in that picture! Breaks my heart!!! Sorry. It's not your fault, I'm just felt like venting a little. I'm still pretty bitter about it!