Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ol' Pioneer

There's nothing like opening up a jar of peaches in January and tasting the hard work of September.  Gotta love it.  Thanks Becky for being my canning mentor for the last 3 years! 

And yes, here's the famous home-made laundry detergent I'm so in love with.  My wonderful sister introduced me to it.  You save a TON of money  for soap that works great.  It costs you about $10 a year, depending on the size of your family.  No lie; check it out!  You can also make it in powder form with basically the same ingredients;  whatever your preference is.   You'll never go back once you try it! 

And here's my other favorite!  My solar oven John bought me for my birthday last year.  We've enjoyed a summer of banana and zucchini bread without heating up the house or using any propane!  I've also done soup, baked potatoes, and chicken. 


Sarah said...

This is so cool, Teddy! One of my fave childhood memories is canning fruit at home with my mom. Those peaches look awesome!

Brooke said...

I tried cutting and pealing some peaches yesterday (just to eat) and sliced myself up. Slippery little fellows. So props to you.

I have been wanting to learn how to can. . . darn not living near you :)

So the laundry soap. Have you tried powder? The liquid doesn't get weird after awhile? I don't know if I am nervous because it is so humid here and everything just seems to go bad fast. Not that I know how soap would go bad. . . but if it did it would happen to me!

Do you flavor yours? As in scent haha!

How do you think it would work with kiddo's with very sensitive skin. Ainsley has really bad excema. I still use dreft with her. And it get's EXPENSIVE!

Teddy said...

I personally have not tried the powder (I love liquid soap), but I know people who have and love it. Check out Laurie Freeman's blog (she's on my side bar; a dear friend and reliable source). She has the recipe for the dry posted on her bog.

The liquid doesn't go bad if you're doing laundry every week. You just mix it up a bit before you use it. Many people do prefer the dry because it is easier to store. I do a lot of cold water washing so I just like the liquid better.

But in the liquid, you can add essential oil's for scent. I don't use anything because, like Ainsley, Race is VERY sensitive to EVERYTHING. It is a very mild soap, but it cleans great!

What's great about this soap is you can make it your own. If you want it to smell good, add something. If you want it whiter, add a little more borax. Just play with it.