Monday, September 27, 2010

The Love Seat

Hey Annell does this bring back memories?  Oh yes, the love seat.  I must say my Mom and Dad knew how to "help" us get a long.  The idea is genius really.  Although I didn't think so at the time, just like my boys don't think it's so great now.  When we were kids and we would have those days that we just couldn't stop fighting with each other, Mom and Dad would stick us in "the chair" together ,make us hold hands and have us watch "Where there's a Will, there's an A"  If you've never heard of these movies, the Bailey children will all tell you they are the most boring video's ever recorded in human history.  However, I don't dare have the Armstrong boys watch them, for fear that Race will actually LIKE them.  And I just can't bring myself to relive the torture!

So now Race and Witt have experienced "the love seat"...and they got so mad at me when I had the nerve to take a picture of it too!  And yes, it really works for them, by the time they're done, they're tickling each other and making each other laugh.  Thanks Mom and Dad, you really did know so much even though at the time I didn't think so.

Thinking back now, I don't think Tyrrell and Annell EVER sat in the chair together.  It was either Annell and I, or Tyrrell and I.  Yes I know I can hear you know Mom, "Poor Teddy, she was the poorest one."    It's kind of funny the things you take with you from your childhood and use in your own home.  I love you Mom and Dad!


Brooke said...

My mom used to tie one set of our arms together, and make us wash windows or fold laundry, clean bathrooms. We were like a bickering, two headed, three armed, cleaning machine. :)

Hope the kiddos are feeling better! Gwen has her first cold. No fun. I am just glad she didn't get strep throat last week with the other two!!

Annell said...

My kiddo's hate it! It's funny how something so simple as holding hands in a chair or on the couch can turn their behavior to good. Although, I'm still trying to find a copy of Where there's a Will there's an A just to add to the torture :)