Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Lane!

I can't believe my baby's 1!  I think this year was the fastest year yet.  What a sweet little boy he is;  he's such a blessing to our family.  We love you little man.

Lane loved helping to make his cake.  He's never gotten to lick the spoon before...and boy did he love it!

He thought everybody was being silly standing around singing to a cake on fire.  Crazy family. 

And yes...he loved his cake.

He had a perfect little day.


Sarah said...

Awww. Happy birthday to the very cute boy!

The Self's said...

I can't believe Lane is already one, and I still haven't seen him in person. And how did I not know you have a blog?!? I guess it's my fault for not updating mine more often.

You guys need to plan a trip up here sometime. Steve and I will even babysit while you and John go to the Temple :) We sure miss you!

AmberMReed said...

These are Adorable! I just LOVE you're boys! Happy Birthday little man!