Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bird Watchers

We call the old golf course our wildlife preserve. Since the economy hit bottom, our neighborhood has as well. And the funny thing is, I don't mind at all. I'd much rather have fields of wildlife than golfers swearing at eachother, the neighborhood cars being hit by golf balls, golfers teeing off from my yard and leaving cigarette butts all over the place. A wildlife preserve is much better, despite the fact that my property value totally stinks since the golf course went under. We love our wildlife preserve.

Since the golfers have left, we have seen many kinds of birds move into the area. We have a mama blue herring and a nest of babies, cardinals, Mexican Eagles (that hang out around our house because of our chickens), crows of course, the Canadian Geese every fall and early spring, ducks in the ponds, humming birds, doves, quail, and turkey vultures. It is an amazing bird habitat.

Here, the turkey vultures are sunning themselves in the morning sun.

And the field scientist and the researcher see how close they can get to them.

The field scientist always seems to get the closest before they fly away.

One of Race's new favorite books that sits right by his World Altlas at night is his bird encyclopedia put out by Reader's Digest. Birds: Their Life. Their Ways. Their World. So while Race is perfectly happy studying the birds from books and the computer, Witt is all hands on.

And then there's Lane, who can pretend to be any bird you like. Just ask him what a rooster looks like; he'll show you.

I love my little Bird Watchers.

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