Sunday, June 24, 2012

Still Got It

I don't think of myself as 31, going on 32. Okay, sometimes I do, like when I try climbing up a rope on an cub scout day camp obstacle-course and can't make it past the first knot (that's what I get for showing off). Or when I try jumping on the trampoline with the boys and pee my pants. On those days, yes. I feel my age (not that it's a terrible age to be, because it's not).

But then there are days like this:

Where the competitive spirit returns (even if it is a three legged race) and I feel like I'm flying. Check out the air, people. Adriane and I rocked it.

Our ward had a super fun field day activity with different kinds of races: Like the Egg Push. Yes, we had to push eggs with our noses.

What I love about competition is it brings out the true nature of a person. It shows the people who are truly patient.Those who are determined, those who don't really care about winning but try any way, those who don't try at all, and those who love to win so much they cheat... Like our fearless leader himself here, Bishop Hall (I can give him a hard time because we're RV people. And RV people know what real competition is...)

And then there's John who is apparently better at running backwards these days than forward. Too much reff work I guess. In this race the rules were to run down backwards, then forwards coming back. He biffed it twice coming back... hard. Like somersault biffs...

The winners of the kids three legged race:

I'm so grateful for days like these. Sweet memories with family and friends to store in the back of my mind.

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