Monday, June 4, 2012

The Theatre

I love going to the theatre. And that love started after high school when I left good ol' RV and the rockin' El Rio theatre that still stands today. Nothing beat sitting in one of those wooden chairs for two hours!

I love sitting down in a cozy chair with a dollar refill cup of Dr. Pepper, an unsalted pretzel to dip in cheese, and a bag of red vines purchased from Wal-Mart. And then to be desensitized for two hours with a story of my choice! Did I say it already? I love the theatre, even if it is way over priced.

So, here's me on my second go-round with my girls at Hunger Games. And no, it didn't disappoint. Loved it so much I saw it TWICE! Once with my fabulous friend Chelise and once with these lovely ladies. Not as good as the book of course, but still good.  And of course, nothing is more fun than comparing and contrasting book to movie on the ride home anyway.

So, for you readers and watchers:

Are you a Peeta fan? Or a Gale fan?


Did your Point of View change between the book characters and the movie characters?

On another outing, the fam went to see our first 3D movie. The Lorax. And seriously, I have no idea what the big hoop-la is about 3D. None of us were impressed, just more money out of our pockets. But hey, we sure looked cool!

Race sat through the movie with his fingers in his ears (my mom just got him ear-plugs for our Summer Movie Monday's at Harkins). He'd much rather zone out in front of our TV at home where he has control over the volume.

Witt wouldn't let us buy soda. So it was like my first time going to the theatre without filling my value cup with DP. Because did you know a bottle of water gives you one hour of energy where a juice box only gives you five minutes and a soda is less than that???? Just ask Witten, he learned it at school. Talk about laying on the guilt! He feels just as strong about recycling and sunscreen. But I'll save those stories for another post.

John slept through the movie. It was that good.

Lane, well as long as you keep the snacks coming, he's good.

And me? I was just super impressed we sat through the entire thing without one bathroom break! It was amazing!

But besides all that, we sure looked cool...

I love the theatre.

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