Friday, March 30, 2012

G-Mom's Birthday Reunion

G-Mom turned 75 in February.  The family decided to make it into a reunion, which was great because we haven't gotten together in a LONG time.  It was so great to see the cousins, there was so much catching up to do; meeting the newer members of the family: spouses and kids.  It was a great, great day. 

My Grandma, Vernie Maria Grimes Spurlock, who we call Mom, fills my childhood memories. 

I remember running away to her house in Navajo that was right over a bridge next door. 
I remember how Mom always had her nails done,
and still does to this day. 

I remember her love for reading,
which was passed down to my mother and then to my sister and I. 
Papa would have the TV on in his recliner
and Mom would be in her chair, reading a book.

Mom is little in stature,
but watch out when she gets mad:
she fills the whole house. 

Mom was a seamstress. 
The summers after Papa died I would stay with her. 
She'd sew and we'd watch movies like:
Hello Dolly,
My Fair Lady,
Funny Girl,
Funny Lady. 

She took me to Broadway plays:
Secret Garden,
Phantom of the Opera.

During one of those summers,
I cut a picture out of a Sears magazine of a purple dress I fell in love with.
She made if for me years later for my senior prom.

Mom and I would sing together. 
The words of Que Sera Sera
still return to me as I'm calming one of my boys. 

Mom loves music boxes. 
And I loved it when she played them.
I catch myself whistling the tune to Frank Sinatra's My Way
as I'm cleaning or driving down the road.  
I've claimed it as my theme song.

Mom loved to travel. 
She took me on my first airplane ride, 
and a train ride too. 
She'd listen to me chatter and never grow tired of it. 
I'd listen to her tell stories of her childhood
and stories of my mother.

Mom loved to paint.  
And during those summers, she taught me to draw and paint.   
I treasure the paintings hanging in my house today. 
I treasure the memories and music still so alive inside of me. 
The memories that have sprinkled my life with color and experience.
I love you Mom. 

L to R:  Uncle Pride, Uncle Glen, Uncle Rance, Mom, Mother, Aunt Teddy, Aunt Tony

All because two people fell in love... and there were still quite a few missing.

A cousin tradition.  Some of the cousins didn't want to participate this year.  After all, we are getting old.  Others just couldn't make it.

1992 I think.


I had the best childhood in the world.  I couldn't have asked for better.  And these crazy people played a part in that. 

I'm so blessed with my place in this big world.  And this weekend was a reminder of that. 

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