Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What NOT to Wear

In January my fabulous and fashionable friend Adriane and I went on a What NOT to Wear outing.  Except we went to Flagstaff instead of New York, and we went to Savers instead of Fifth Avenue.  But hey, other than that it was just like the show

But before our adventure, I had to introduce Adriane to Mike and Rhonda's biscuits and gravy.  There is nothing more yummy.  For a whole $4 you can stuff yourself sick with the biggest biscuits and best gravy ever.  It's the perfect place for two gals who can hold their own in an eating contest... seriously people, bring it on! Anyway, if you ever get to Flagstaff, it's a must.

Then it was on to Savers where we spent the entire day entertaining ourselves...

Okay, the thing about this outfit, is it's one I really would have worn in high school.  It's so bright and colorful!  Doesn't it just shout out happiness?

But Adriane, The Fashion Queen, says no.  The outfit doesn't shout out happiness, instead it screams, look at me, I'm 30, pretending to be 16! 

She says this one works much better for my age, body type, etc.  What do you think?

Well I can't complain, since the jeans were $8, the top $5 and the shoes $5. 

I just love Savers, and my fabulous fashionable friend...even though I didn't get any pictures of her... (I promise I didn't play dress up all by myself...).  We both left Savers a little delirious, but with lots of fashionable finds.  There's nothing better than a great deal.

We always have a great time.

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