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Autism Awareness Hop 2012

Annual Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop
April 11th to 17th
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April is a big month at our place.  New research is showing now 1 in 88 kids is diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).  It effects all of us and awareness is so very important. Talk to your kids about autism.  As a parent of a child with autism, one of the big struggles we deal with is social interaction.  Again, please talk to your kids about autism, we need more awareness and understanding from the younger generation, from the peers of these amazing kids. Especially since the numbers are only rising.
So, in honor of our boy Race, I'm giving away TWO of my favorite books:

*You do NOT have to be a follower to enter.  
*I have one copy of each of these books available.
*To be entered in the drawing, please leave your name and a way to contact you in the comment area of this post.  Also, we are all effected by autism in one way or another: tell us about it in your comment if you like.

Learn more about autism:

Autism Society of America:

Autism Speaks:

Definition of Autism:

Also, check out more blogs below joined in the Autism Hop.
Good luck and Happy Autism Awareness Month!


Dana said...

This is an amazing cause and a great giveaway. I followed your blog though we didn't have to you have to be a great person for participating in this hop. My mom works with special needs children and my 3 of my bestfriends have brothers who are autistic this hit close to home for me.

Dana said...

I forgot to put my email

Natasha said...

Thanks for the chance to win!
natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

i teach preschoolers with autism and love that this blog hop is bringing so much awareness to this special cause!

catherine0807 at hotmail dot com

Cory said...

This is such a great cause! Until recently, I knew nothing of Autism, and have recently discovered this group of kids are often misunderstood and mis-diagnosed or missed diagnosed ; (

abbottkitty said...

Thank you for your passion Teddy! I am learning so much about Autism through school at NAU and I am looking forward to becoming an advocate for these children! You guys are great and we love you!

slogan1990 said...

Thank you for this giveaway!

brookea_2006 said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

brookea_2006 at yahoodotcom

A (Daily) Woman said...

Thanks for the opportunity. April is big at our home too, my son has autism and I have some friends with children on the spectrum also.

susan1215 said...

I don[t know anyone with Autism

s2s2 at comcast dot net

debbie said...

My son has aspergers. I would love to read these books. I have followed temple grandin for years.

Sharmaine C said...

think this giveaway really tells the people to stop and think about people with autism, and in a way, it helps people to be aware of this.

me_winy AT yahoo DOT com DOT ph

Georgette said...

Great giveaway.
I've recently been exposed to autism, a very good friend of mine's son was just diagnosed with it. Also, several friends of mine have it.


Karen said...

My son is on the spectrum, thank you for the giveaway and bringing awareness to this issue!

kpuleski at gmail dot com

Angela Fristoe said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I saw the movie Temple Grandin and was so moved. I would love to read the book. I am a teacher and have worked with children with autism and it saddens me to think how they are sometimes treated just because they see the world differently.

Angela Fristoe said...

forgot my contact info :)

Andrea said...

I have learned a lot from the different blogs participating in this hop about autism. I hope to be able to apply my knowledge as I meet people in the future who may suffer from this disorder. Thanks everyone!


madnzanymomma said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway. I look forward to reading these books.


Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

My oldest brother has autism. Thank you for this giveaway.

familyreads at ymail dot com

Lauren Mackesy said...

I personally am not affected by autism but my sister works with autistic children every day.
Lmackesy at gmail.com

Kim Reid said...

Thanks for participating in this hop!
kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Linda Henderson said...

Thank you so much for participating in this informative giveaway hop. My grandson has Aspergers so this cause is near and dear to my heart. It's been a struggle for us as a family, but it has made us stronger.I would love to read Temple Grandin's book, she is an amazing woman.

seriousreader at live dot com

Lilian said...

Thank you for participating and spreading awareness! While I don't personally know anyone with autism (or maybe I do and they are just hiding it very well?), going through this blog hop opened my eyes to Autism..and how common it actually is...which makes me think I ought to know someone with autism.

Lilian @ A Novel Toybox

ape2016 said...

My 11 year old son is autistic.
Thanks for the giveaway.

hhkaufman78 said...

I have 2 nephews with Autism.

hedgerhousehold said...

My husband has Aspergers.
jenhedger at hotmail dot com

nicolesender said...

Thanks so much for supporting autism awareness!

Randi said...

As a mother of a child with Autism, I would love to win these books!!


DHidey said...

Love these books! Thanks!
dhidey at aol.com