Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Years

For New Years we went to our good friends place, the Bleak Family.  They have a great family party every year.  I can't believe these were all the pictures I got.

The next morning we headed over the hill to spend a couple days at Grandpa Armstrong's place.  It was so relaxing and fun.  It's one of the boy's favorite places.  A creek, horses, trees to climb, places to explore.  It's boy heaven.  Even for John. 

You couldn't get Witten inside.  He wanted to stay outside with the horses forever.  This is him with his good pal, Red.

Race and Grandpa building a fire.

Lane saying hi to Baby.

Race isn't too fond of horses.  They smell.  But he loves trees.

I'm kind of funny about New Years.  I don't make resolutions for January 1st. I make them as needed I guess; which is often.  But I love the opportunity I have to evaluate my life and see where I am.  I'm grateful for the knowledge I have of the Gospel.  That I can change, I can be a better me...starting now.  

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