Tuesday, July 12, 2011


What a fun and busy summer we're having.  One of the early highlights of our summer was watching Race perform with the Missoula Children's Theatre that did it's annual stop in Camp Verde.

This was our first year participating, and I'm so glad we did (because we almost didn't).  What an amazing program, and experience for all the kids!  Many kids these days don't get to experience the "Arts" any more because of all the budget cuts in the schools.  It's sad, it hurts the kids. . . but that is another story for another day!  Don't get me started!

This was such a growing experience for Race.  It really pushed him, and like I've said before, he has a real gift with music.  But even knowing this, I almost didn't take him to the try outs.  Why?  Yep. . . you guessed it.  FEAR.  I was afraid of how he would react if he got cut.  I know, I know, it's going to happen some day right?  It happens to everybody at least once.  They don't get the part they want, they don't make the team, they lose.  And yes, I know, losing is healthy every once in a while.  But not yet, not for him.  Fear. 

But I got over it.  And I took him.  And he made it.  And he didn't just make it, he did very well.  He has a beautiful voice.  Right on pitch.  He is LOUD.  So, that always helps in Theatre right?  He smiles ALL THE TIME (except during melt downs of course).  And, he's not shy. . .ever. 

So Race became a Pleasure Isle Kid for a week (yes, he turned into a donkey).  And he and I went to play practice every day.  And he worked.  He got tired.  And he worked through his tiredness and the overwhelming moments without one melt down (a couple almost's, but he pulled it together).  I was so proud of him.  And the parts where he was on stage, yes, he stole the show (either that or I'm just one really proud mom!). 

On top of participating in Pinocchio, he got the "High Ticket Salesman"  for the production that week.  And no, despite what many of you may think, he did a lot of the work.  It just wasn't me selling the tickets.  He went to our neighbors, made phone calls, he counted money and helped me keep track.  He worked.  Then he impressed me once again by picking from the prize table something small, (probably the cheapest prize there), but something he wanted to share with his brother.  I love this kid.  I wish I could be more like him. 

 I wish this picture wasn't blurry, it sure was a good one of him.  I love the pose!
 The one thing Race asked for after it was all over, was a picture with Pinocchio.  So here he is with Hannah, the star of the show.  She was so kind to Race all week, he sat by her at lunch every day and talked her ear off about the Wii.  And she loved it.

Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket!  Thanks for all the support.

Another BIG step for us. 
I love you Race. 

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