Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out Swiss Family Robinson!

Every boy needs a tree house. . . so of course I asked the master play house builder himself to come for a day and build one.  I have the best Daddy in the world.    

 Later in the afternoon he got some "real help".  Not just three little boys at his heals, helping, but not really helping.  They sure love their Papa!

 Then some more help.  It was fun having my Daddy, Hubby, and good Buddy around for a bit.  It was good to see you Arty, we love you!

 And of course, we had two happy boys in the end, who think their Mommy is really mean because she wouldn't let them sleep up there. 

 We love you Papa.  Thank you; you're the best Papa in all the world!

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Tar Heel Freemans said...

soooo fun!!!!