Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daddy's Day

I'm really behind on my posting, so this is a little late.  Father's Day came and went and it was a simple, yet special day for our Daddy.

The boys made him breakfast.  Race made him chocolate syrup, I mean milk.
 Witt made him toast with LOTS of butter because  "he likes it that way" Witt said.

 And Daddy ate and drank it down like a champ!

 We really love our Daddy.  He does lots of cool things.  "He's real strong and he knows how to build cool stuff like houses and forts."  Witt said.

 Lane thinks he gives good piggy backs.
 Race says he is fun and reads good stories.

Thank you Daddy for working so hard for us and being such a good example to our boys.

We love our Daddy!

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