Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Pictures

This Easter was so much fun.  We had a very busy weekend visiting with family.  Once again, we are so blessed with people who love us.  I love these moments where the boys get to hang out with their Grandparents...

We spent Earth Day with Nanna and Papa making memories...
Papa is the best Papa in the whole world.
 Nanna showing Witt her garden
 They love to go airsoft shooting with Tanner...

And playing cars with Papa.

OK, I am now in love with this new way of coloring eggs.  In BAGS!!  No mess, no stress, and they could do it all by themselves.  I love whoever invented this new kit...don't know why I didn't think of it...

Bend over Tanner so I can get your head in the picture will ya?  You're just getting way too tall!

We love hanging out with Nanna and Papa.  Love you Mom and Dad.

Easter Morning before Church (no, he's not choking on candy...)

 The boys sang an Easter song in church with a few other Primary Children.  They did a beautiful job.  Then we headed over the hill to Grandpa Armstrong's place for his famous, annual Grandpa Easter Egg Hunt.  The boys look forward to it every year.

 We love seeing the cousins.

 And the horses,

 and hiking,
 and yes, Witt caught his FIRST fish!!...what, can't you see it?
 John, his brother, and ALL THEIR BOYS! (this photo was very difficult to take, and get everyone in it.  they just kept leaving, wiggling, escaping)

 I love my heart-sister Michelle
 Thanks Grandpa for all the fun.  We always love to come play

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S. and A. Millar said...

Looks like a fun Easter!! Did you give the boys buz cuts?