Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ok, I don't think myself or anything I've done, or anything I claim, has ever been called or classified as stylish...

So thanks dear friend Adriane for the uncomfortable, swallow my pride, opportunity to talk about myself (we all know everybody loves to talk about themselves at some time or another.  But for me, it all depends on my audience...You know I'm smiling when I say that because of course I'm going to follow through.  Of course I wouldn't let my good friend down.  Love you Adriane!  So, here it is; hold onto your saddles:

Seven things about myself that you MIGHT not have known:

  • I love to eat good food.  I love to consume large quantities and stuff myself completely to the point of sickness.  It is the best.  I don't really go to parties to be social, I go for the food.  Honest truth.

  • I sleep with a mouth guard (I grind my teeth) and a nasal strip so I don't snore too loud, and I'm usually wearing some old, bright gold track sweats I BORROWED (and forgot to return) my senior year.  It was my graduation gift to myself, kindly donated by RVHS.   Anyway, point being, I look very stylish at night.

  • I am proud to be a nerd!  I always wanted to see the "Polar Lights"  To me this is the correct term because aurora's happen at both north and south poles.  So, why are they called the Northern Lights?  They are so amazing and someday I am going to see them with my own eyes.  I have also had this secret dream of working for NASA that not a lot of people knew about when I was younger.  Kind of a hidden dream because when I was young, Science was my WORST subject.  Kind of like how Happy Gilmore wanted to be a hockey player, except that he just totally stunk at it...I was so jealous when my sister got to go to space camp when we were kids and I didn't. Yes I loved NASA but I knew NASA would never love me...most of my science classes I barely pulled A's...(then reality REALLY hit when I got a C in CHEM 151 my freshman year at NAU.  I've never worked so hard and got such a bad grade!  For the record, my one and only C, and it effected my college GPA till I graduated).   I knew my path was down the English and Literature road (which I am also totally in love with). 

  • I can have a hot temper that will get the best of me when I least expect it.  You wonder where Witten gets it?   I have anger issues that constantly need to be kept in check.  I also worry way too much about things that don't matter.  I lose sleep;  I say a lot of prayers to keep me calm.  I think this a result of not caring enough as a teenager. 

  • I've always wanted to write a book; I daydream of the day when people are lining up at Barnes and Noble to have me sign copies of the book that changed their life!  It's going to happen some day, you wait. 

  • I LOVE to pop pimples and blackheads.  My husband just can't understand why I get this sick fascination from it. 

  • I LOVE to dance.  I don't care if it's country dancing, ballroom dancing or ZUMBA!  I love it.  I have this crazy desire to be good at it. 

Ok, so there you have it, now for the nominations.  Da da da da!  The seven lucky winners of the Stylish Blogger Award are:
  1. Sarah Jacobs (because you're so darn funny and creative!)
  2. Annell Schmerfeld (because she really is the stylish one)
  3. Andrea Millar (in hopes to give her a reason to UPDATE)
  4. Skeezie Zweifel (to see how often she really does read my blog.)
  5. Laurie Freeman (because she really is so classy, cool and intelligent)
  6. Melissa Ballard (because I'm interested to hear her 7 facts)
  7. Racheal Decker (because I know she'll have fun with this one)
Ok, so nominees, don't feel like you have to do it.  No pressure.  7 facts, 7 nominations.  I don't think I'm missing anything...but maybe I am.


Adriane said...

Hahaha!! I love it!

You know, I think all knew all of those except the NASA and pimple thing. Question, do you prefer your popped pimples juicy or granule? I opt for the latter...Why is it so dang amusing to squeeze our skin? I don't know, but like you, I just can't help the fascination!!

Sarah said...

You've never done anything stylish?! Come on! Don't you remember those FABULOUS black satin bell-bottom pants with the neon flowers?


Teddy said...

I still have those groovy pants; I still totally love them.

Brooke said...

sick. Pimple popper :) Teasing. I do the same thing. You want to know the BEST way to do it (not that I ever did this [wink wink]) Look at your face in a dark bathroom with a black light. You black heads are orange. It's awesome.

Sounds like you, me, adri are going to be having a dancing eating party someday!

ps. maybe we should co-author.

Dustin said...

I love that I'm not the only one who may have "borrowed" some bright gold track sweats from good old RVHS! I actually "borrowed" a little more than just the sweats. I think after all the running we did, we earned them!!