Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am not sad to see January go.  In fact, every January, I PRAY for a better one than the year before, but January never seems to let me down.  It should be called the "Armstrong month of trials."  Between car problems, health issues, teeth problems (which between the three result in a budget juggling act and high stress for me), and just crazy busyness.  But January, unlike in years past, WE WERE READY FOR YOU!  You came, we conquered.  SEE YA! 

Ok, so January was not a COMPLETE letdown; it did have MANY good things too.  Every weekend was jammed with family togetherness.  They were totally awesome. 
  • Maya's Baptism.  (pictures to come...right Annell??)  The boys always have a blast playing with cousins and Uncle Tanner and I always have fun eating good food; Annell sure knows how to throw a good party (after the baptism of course). And the boys and I  had a good time squishing into Dad's truck with Dad, Mom and Tanner for a ride down to the Valley (like I said, car trouble).  Love you Mom and Dad. 
  • Stephen's Farewell.  We're so proud of you Stephen, good luck in Colorado!  It was fun to see so much family and eat more good food!
  • We rode horses at Grandpa's house.  Race and Witt love going to Grandpa Armstrong's house.  His property is "boy heaven" and "mommy um...NOT heaven"  The creek to play in, trees to climb, horses to visit, dogs to chase, you name it.  The creek makes me crazy.  John loved growing up there.  It's a very beautiful place.  We tried to sit Lane on the horse with Witt, but he totally wouldn't have any of that.  He liked looking at the horses from a safe 5 feet away.
  • Tanner got his Eagle!  Yes, my 14 year old, amazing scout of a brother, got his Eagle.  So, yep, another party, more good food; my mom makes the BEST Texas Sheet Cake ever!  We are soooo proud of you Tanner, Race and Witt really look up to you and think you are the STUFF!
  •  The grand kids hugging Tanner after the ceremony.
     I look tall in this picture, I have no idea how.  I am WAY shorter than my sis.
     Tyrrell giving a "tribute" to Tanner.  He did a great job.
  • So yes, January. And we ended the month home sick, missing school.  I guess that's what happens when you go 100mph for a whole month...Goodbye January; bitter-sweet January.

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Brooke said...

what teeth problem. I know that story well. I also know picky eaters. Like BEYOND picky. like throw up everywhere if someone even looks at gross food.