Friday, May 24, 2013

Mothers Day Thoughts... According to the Armstrong Boys.

In Primary, the boys filled out some Mothers Day Questionnaires. They were the greatest gift, absolutely priceless... and I learned a lot about myself. :)

My mom is special because she:
Race said: She loves me and I love her.
Witt said: She loves me.
Lane said: she is beautiful.

My mom's favorite food is:
Race: Cheese Cake (probably because I don't share)
Witt: tacos (he's right)
Lane: beans (probably because we eat a lot of them)

My mom has taught me:
Race: about Jesus
Witt: to have fun
Lane: to sleep at night and be awake at daytime. (????)

My mom likes to:
Race: exercise (he's right)
Witt: Tickle torture (he's right)
Lane: to do laundry (hmmmmm....)

My mom looks prettiest when:
Race: she is going to church (probably because its the only day I wear makeup)
Witt: she is at church (maybe this is a hint?)
Lane: She has a pretty shirt.

My mom's favorite place is:
Race: Oregon (I've actually never been, but hey...)
Witt: Disney Land (probably because I scream on all the rides?)
Lane: Church

I like being with my mom most when:
Race: we go on walks together.
Witt: we are at Disney Land (apparently the trip was the highlight of his life. :))
Lane: we go trick-or-treating (Lane just loves that the rest of the world is dressed up with him on that day).

I know my mom loves me because:
Race: she sings with me.
Witt: we help each other.
Lane: we play games on the ipad.

My favorite thing about my mom is:
Race: the way she cooks
Witt: tickle torture
Lane: the pretty flowers she grows.

The funniest thing I ever saw my mom do was:
Race: flips on the trampoline (yes people, I'm pretty awesome... except now sometimes I pee.)
Witt: tickle torture (apparently life is pretty dull without tickle torture and Disney Land)
Lane: play with my toys (between his imagination and my own, we have some very awesome adventures).

Like I said.

I love my boys.

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