Thursday, November 15, 2012


I don't know if I will ever catch up on my blog. I really hate cramming tons of topics into one post. It goes against my style. :) But, here I go:

We started the month off in all it's awesomeness when my sista' and Nanna came up with all the cousins to visit the Castle. Tons of fun.

I turned 32. And let me just say, as a proud mama, that my boys made this cake by themselves. The only thing I did was get the cake in and out of the oven for them. They did everything else, including topping it with fudge and teddy bear sprinkles. :)

Lane painted the car green. Or tried to anyway (don't get me started). So we spent a Family Home Evening scrubbing the car... I'll leave it at that.

We had a yard sale. And Witten was the best little salesman I've ever met. I swear we made more money off his cuteness and rock dancing than the junk I was getting rid of.

October is Disability Awareness Month. So I ran Witten's school's Hop-a-Thon again this year, where the kids raised money and hopped for Muscular Dystrophy.

Race is taking taking some on-line classes from Connections Academy so we can get extra speech and language support. So we went to their Fall Festival down in the Valley where he met some of the kids in his classes.

We spent a Saturday with Nanna and Papa and got lost in the Mortimer Farms Corn Maze. (I'm not kidding, we really did get lost.)

Race wanted to see New Mexico for Fall Break. So, one of the great things about home-schooling is fall break can last a few days longer if there's important things to do like visit New Mexico. So, after a super busy break, we went up to Springerville to spend a few days with the fabulous Auntie Adriane. Witten had school, and I was all for him missing and having an extended fall break, but the responsible little six year old chose to stay home with Dad so he wouldn't miss any school. Can you believe that kiddo?? I must be doing something right... Anyway, it worked out well because Daddy would have been super lonely home alone.

Adriane took us to Sipe Ranch. It was so great!

Race checking out the fire damage on Escadilla. I love this picture.

Race is all about state facts and information, and he plans to visit all 50 states. So here's one more checked off the list!

Lane was very fascinated with nature's toilet paper... Mullein.

I miss the White Mountains so much. There is feeling, a familiarity with the mountains that's not like any place else. Many native Arizonans refer to the White Mountain's as God's Country. And I'd have to agree. There's a vast solitude about the mountains that is absolutely amazing. I miss it. I miss those quiet drives with my Daddy up to the lake, or out to chop wood. I think no matter where I go in my life, the White Mountains will always be home.

Big Lake. Just as beautiful and peaceful as alway.

The boys and I moved up a belt in Tae Kwon Do.
Witten just drank a big cup of cool-aide can you tell?

Race earned his Wolf in Cub Scouts!! He's such a fantastic little scout.

And of course, Halloween. We kept it simple this year. Reused old costumes, went trick-or-treating with our dear friends. And it was just awesome.

Octoberness = gratitude for the priceless memories in the month of October.

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spseekins said...

You are such a good mama! I love stopping by and getting inspiration from you and the awesome example you set. Way to go boys on the cake!!! Hope you are all doing well!!