Monday, November 5, 2012

Museum of Natural History

Every summer we hang out at my sista's place for a week and take full advantage of the Valley. Then we head back to our cozy little home in the country after we've had our fill of the city. This year we did Sunsplash and the Museum of Natural History.

No pictures at Sunsplash because... it's Sunsplash. I wish so much I had a camera though, because Race and Witt's fearlessness really came out. Witt wasn't tall enough for a few of the slides, but his cuteness and boldness won the hearts of many-a-lifeguard. He went down every slide there. No kidding.

The boys loved the Museum of Natural History. And Race and Witt could have stayed all day if we weren't trying to control our own little T-Rex named Lane:

Race loved panning for gold and all the Arizona history.

Witten could have done puzzles all day. The scorpion was his favorite.

And Lane loved being among fellow dinosaurs.

It was a fabulous day.

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