Monday, October 22, 2012

Witt's Shark Birthday

The boys probably spent hundreds of hours at the pool this summer. So since we practically lived there anyway, Witt decided he wanted to hang out there for his sixth birthday.

So Witten had a shark birthday:
The cake:
(made by yours truly. the teeth were pine-nuts)

The gift:
(a bo staff for Tae Kwon Do)

The party favor:
(shark jell-o cups made by the birthday boy himself)

We didn't get any pictures at the pool, because... it's the pool. But the birthday boy had a great day.

I am so grateful for the Cowboy. I don't know what I'd do without him. He makes me laugh, he's a big helper around the house and he's so creative and smart.

We can't take him anywhere without people making comments about his beautiful hair. He tells me, "It's not beautiful hair, Mom. It's awesome hair."

When people ask him, "Where'd you get that hair?" His answer is usually, "Jesus gave it to me."
But I've also heard him tell people, "From my Nanna."
And I've also heard him say, "From my ancestors."
And, "From Ireland and Scotland."
And ready for this one? "My mom says it's because I'm a fire cracker."
And then there's times he's said nothing at all because the person asking him was a little creepy.

Gotta' love that kid.
I can't believe he's six.

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