Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Give a Rooster a Bath

Our little rooster, Sam is a mean little guy. I honestly wonder sometimes why we keep him around. But for some reason, the boys love him. I have no idea why because he truly does not return their affection.

The other evening Sam ran through the oil pan that was left out after John changed the oil in my car. His beautiful white silkiness was soaked black. He was a mess. So after googling "How to give a chicken a bath" we gave that ornery little thing a bath...

I know it looks like John is torturing him, but it really was the only way we could get all the oil off of Sam. And this is the best picture I got because it wasn't a one man job. It took three of us, and we were all soaked by the end.

And when the excitement was done, the boys took turns loving on wet Sam. And it was the first time since he was a little chick, that he didn't fight the love (probably because he was in shock, but nonetheless...).

So after a good blow dry and lots of love, the boys are happy to report that Sam is now back to his horrible self: strutting around the yard, attacking us when our backs are turned, and cock-a-doodle-doing all day long.

And the boys just love him...

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