Sunday, October 7, 2012

Slide Rock

Another summer adventure,

Slide Rock.

So much fun.

And we got there before they shut the place down for e coli a few weeks later. Gross.

But we had a blast. Especially with four fearless boys. We love it when Adriane's family comes to visit, because the boys LOVE her little brother Luke. He is such an awesome kid, we wish they'd move here.

. It was very hard to get these boys to sit down long enough to get a picture all together. They had a blast.

I love my friend:

Race is such a fish. While we were there, he asked if he could go jump off the cliffs with those big kids into the pools...
"Um, no."
"How old do I have to be?"
"Much older, and in deeper water."

...and you wonder why I haven't attempted the Grand Canyon yet.

Witten kept up with all the big kids down the big chutes. I didn't get any pictures of the big chutes because I was too busy playing life guard.

Lane ate a lot of snacks.

We had a blast of a day. Can't wait till next summer for sure.

Adriane and I had to laugh at all the vacationers. They show up in their fancy bikini's and expensive beach-wear. But when you're a local, you learn quick that board shorts and tee-shirts work best. And even then, you usually go home with ripped shorts...

Just a little Slide Rock advise.

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Laurie Freeman said...

never heard of this place. looks like fun!