Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ragnar 2012

I had soooooo much fun running with these ladies. What a super fun, exhausting, painful, sleepless, awesome weekend.  Go Miss Matched Socks!

Look there I am somewhere in between Buckeye and Anthem on my 9.5 mile leg.

Look, there I am again.  Same leg of the race.  Those reflective vests were really reflective!  We didn't get any pictures of our "running through the night legs.  But on that one I ran a 4.2 mile along Carefree Highway.  Yep, that one was an adventure all in itself.  The runners were pretty spread out by that point so it was just me and my headlamp and my sister's can of pepper spray against the dark wild of the desert.  Awesome. Of course I had my cell phone on me also. 

 Somewhere in Scottsdale on my 6.5 mile leg.

So, 200 miles later, a missing toenail and three blisters later, we were so happy to be done and ready to sleep in our own beds, but sad to leave our new awesome friends. 

There's another one for the bucket list!

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