Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's 5:30am and I'm bored

I don't like to wake up early.  I've NEVER liked it,   But I live in a house full of men who do.  I don't understand this; but they ALL know the rule: don't bother Mom until 6:30am on school days and don't bother Mom AT ALL on Saturday mornings until she gets up to get the baby (of course sickness and bad dreams are exempt from the rule).  That's right, all questions MUST wait.  Questions like, Honey have you seen my keys?  My wallet? My cell phone?  Issues like, Mommy Race won't give me a turn, or Witt's outside watering the roses and he's ALL muddy (OK, well that one I had to get up and deal with).  There is a reason I have taught them to make their own toast and  cheese their bagels and pour their own milk (well, Montessori also helped).  Yes, I usually wake up to the fridge and all cupboards open, and every light in the house is turned on, but hey, at least I got a few more minutes of sleep right???

Well, the other morning, I was waken from my precious sleep to the sound of my blow dryer turning on and off, then some giggles, then on and off, then more giggles.  What on earth were they doing now?   This is what Race decided to do at 5:30am...
 A ping pong ball balancing in mid-air using a blow dryer.  So ya, I had to get the camera, even though it was before my wake up time.

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Tar Heel Freemans said...

man you have your hands full with all those boys!!!