Thursday, April 28, 2011

Does Heaven have Monster Trucks??

A year ago he wanted to be a fireman, 6 months ago he wanted to ride a bull, and guess what he wants to do now???

Witt is still talking about the boy's afternoon with Dad.  They both loved it, but it was a little loud for Race.  Witt loved it so much he somehow managed to bring home a few pieces of smashed car.  He can't wait for Show and Tell tomorrow (because you know, he always has a lot to tell).

 And he's still dreaming about it...even though this profession is not encouraged by his mother AT ALL, just like the bull riding.  Witt has big dreams to do really big things. 

He reminds me of someone else when they were little, and well, not so little I guess (me).  Keep dreaming boy, it's part of what makes life so beautiful.     

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