Friday, March 18, 2011

Goodbye Guy's

I really don't like catching up.  It takes the details out of the moments.  It's amazing how quickly I forget the details.  But, life does this sometimes I guess.  We've had so much going on down here at the Armstrong House, so much change.

Goodbye Guy Family.  We love you.  You will be sooooooo missed.

 Race is going to miss his sister. (Yes, they do act like brother and sister...)
 Thanks for all you've done for our family.  We have some great fun memories tucked away.  One of the best is Forth of July of 2008 when we got attacked by firework shrapnel!

 Here's the shrapnel that was falling on us through the firework show.  Except here in the picture, it's not on fire...

It's a hard economy to live in right now.  You really don't realize how unstable life is until you are forced to change.  Whether it be moving away for work, changing your line of work completely, giving up things that a year ago were so important to you but now you're finding they're not a necessity or a priority. 

 It's amazing when life gets hard how your priorities change because if they don't, life just gets harder.  It's amazing how important preparedness is. 

 I've been wishing for a new car for a couple of years now.  Let's face it.  Our family is really crammed into this car of ours.  I was driving up the freeway on Tuesday, from the Valley.  We had spent a few days down with my sister.  And we got to the big hill outside of Black Canyon City.  Yes, this is the hill that I hold my breath all the way up, turning the AC off, praying the car doesn't overheat.  It's quite exciting actually, once we are at the top of the hill anyway.  But anyway, on the way up the hill, this beautiful red new H3 passed us.  And the boys were looking at it, mouths open, totally staring, saying stuff like, "That's what I'm going to drive when I get big."  And I just had to laugh because A. I was thinking the same thing, and B. because it brought me back to being a kid, squished into the back seat of our little Plymouth Acclaim (that later as a teenager I wrecked.).  I can remember looking out the window into the windows of other cars and dreaming for a moment of what it would be like to be in THAT car, living THAT life...I bet my mom was sitting up front smiling to herself because she used to do the same thing too. 

Anyway, point being, it's amazing where your priorities are when life acts upon you.  When life gets hard.  A new car just isn't for me right now.  It's amazing what life forces you to do because it is so unstable.  I'm so grateful I have a car that runs and can keep my family safe.  I'm so grateful for the memories I have from that little car as a kid.  Because now my kids are in the car yelling at each other, "Mom, his leg touched me!  Mom, Lane just wiped something on me!"  But in the same trip, we are singing songs, playing the ABC game, I spy, making those memories I hope will outweigh the sibling fighting. 

Life is hard right now for soooo many,  and we are all having to do what we have to do, but life is good in sooooo many ways.  

Thanks for the memories Guy Family.  We love you.  We cherish your friendship.


Michelle said...

I love your honesty in your blogging. It's refreshing. We're feeling the effects of the recession out here too...but just to put a plug in for Missouri, you know we have one of the lowest costs of living...and the church really needs strong families out here...and we're one of the 6 states not in debt...and you know all the stuff you hear about the church and missouri...there's plenty of wilkins love out here for you :) haha. anyways, probably won't happen but i can try at least, right? anyways, i'm totally getting off topic, so are you guys moving, or your friends?? i couldn't figure it out. and if you're moving, where to?

Teddy said...

Thanks for the comment Michelle, I'm feeling the Wilkins Love...and no, we are not moving. Many of our friends are, but we are not...though I've always loved Missouri. I love how green it is, and I think the Lightning Bugs are the coolest.