Monday, March 28, 2011

I need a BREAK from Spring Break

Spring Break was Marathon Week for us.  So much fun, but I'm still recovering.  We all are actually.

Saturday:  I did this to one wall in my living room.  I love blue.  Isn't it so beautiful?  I was needing a little color in my life... I can't wait to get the baseboards and flooring finished in the entry way. 

 Now ask me how I accomplished such a task as painting my living room with three active boys at my heals all day? 
Here's your answer:  Adriane kidnapped them for the morning; tired them out and brought them home happy,dirty, wet and exhausted.  Love that girl. 

Sunday:  I really need to work on the whole "Day of Rest" part of Sunday.  For me, Sunday's are completely exhausting every week.  Getting kids ready for church (by myself, John has early morning meetings), sitting with kids (by myself) through church, helping to make sure Primary functions (Don't get me wrong, I totally love Primary),  and then heading home to finish dinner prep, so we can all sit down for together before John heads off to another evening meeting or something...Oh Sundays.  I love them, I need them.  I sleep well after them.

In fact, here's how I look on Sunday evenings ...soaking my poor feet.

Monday and Tuesday:  We headed down to Annell's for Jayda's birthday and a trip to the Wildlife World Zoo with Nanna and Tanner.  We love seeing the cousins, we love our Nanna, and we loved the animals and aquarium.  Thanks Nanna for the fun day.

 Witt was so proud he touched a stingray.
 Lane loved the petting zoo best.

Race loved feeding the giraffes

Wednesday:  We met Grandma Sara for our traditional golf game at Tlaquepaque Piggy Park.  Then we had our picnic and fed the ducks.  Love you Grandma Sara.

Thursday:  Laundry...need I say more?

Friday:  We got to see Jadon and Nathaniel!  We miss you guys!

Saturday:  Race turned seven!! 
He had a great day (more details to come).

We had a great week catching up with the people we don't get to see too much.  Spring Break came and went, and now we need another break. 

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