Monday, December 10, 2012

Dead Horse

Bet you thought you were going to see a big picture of a big dead horse didn't you!!

Well, FYI, there's a state park in the Verde called Dead Horse Ranch State Park. And our dear friend Jo has a year round pass there. It is a BEAUTIFUL place. And for those of you who think the Verde Valley is not so pretty, take a hike in Dead Horse some time. It is amazing. An oasis within our little desert.

The day after Thanksgiving, 2012 with Jo.

The boys loved this tree. They called it their "lost boys hide-a-way." The roots were unbelievable.

Witt is always right at home when we're hiking. We hiked about three miles altogether, and he wanted to keep going. He even talked us into going down some perilous paths where we found the five of us crawling on all fours through some thick brush...even Jo. After that, I fired him from being the trail boss. Not that that mattered. He still led the way with great enthusiasm.

Jo, I'm so glad you made it out without injuries.

Lane liked the playground best. It was the only part of the day I didn't hear, "I'm tired, Mommy. I need another drink, Mommy. Carry me, Mommy. There's dirt under my fingernails, Mommy. There's mud on my spiderman shoes, Mommy."...etc.

Race was putting his scouting knowledge to good use on the hike:
"When you're hiking, it's important to always stay on the trail. It's also important to never hike alone, and always stay with the group. You should wear plenty of sunscreen, even in November."...etc. He was getting pretty frustrated with his red-headed brother who was breaking most of his hiking rules.

We can't wait for our next outing, Jo. Thank you so much!

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