Friday, September 21, 2012

The Secret Garden Fire-Fly

Race loves performing. He isn't shy at all. What he doesn't like is dressing up like a fire-fly... (a girl costume, he called it).

The week after Day Camp, the Missoula Children's Theatre came to town once again. Witten and Race both tried out, but Witt got cut. He was actually very relieved. Totally not his thing:

When he didn't hear his name called he said, "Did I get cut?"
"I think so."
"Oh. Can we go swimming now?"

Like I said, he could have cared less.

But Race made it. And had a great time...except for the costume, of course.

Race and his friend Emily were both in the show.

Race with all the other fire-fly's. He was the only boy in his group.

The entire cast of The Secret Garden.

Another year down. Race once again won for the high ticket sales. And, I secretly keep hoping he doesn't want to try out again, because the week just seems to be very stressful for the both of us. But, we'll see.

The things you do for your kids, right?

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