Friday, September 21, 2012

Day Camp on the Verde

Well, here's more catching up. Now that we're home-schooling (and I can't wait to post about how well it's going), I've had little time for my fabulous blog:

June was jammed with fun. At the beginning of June, Race and I went to Day Camp. We had a blast. It was hot. We were exhausted. And somehow I got talked into being a den mother to 12 eight year old boys when I was only supposed to being a walk-along-mother... talk about an adventure.

Race loves scouts. He loves earning badges and having a book to keep track of his achievements. He's a very self-motivated scout, and for that I'm happy.

We both made some new friends:
Race and Bryson

Janelle and I co-piloted the den. We were a great team!

We are cool! Tigers rule!

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